Inaro Group Children’s Ministry

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Jay, Jessica and Kristen are helping to plant a church in Inaro (Een-yar-o).  This will be the second church plant started and funded by an individual who owns a clothing store in Cayambe.

We visit homes and encounter people on the street during the day, and invite them to a discipleship group late afternoon.  Children’s ministry is also done during the discipleship meeting.  On the first day we had two children, but today Jessica and Kristen taught a Bible story to 14 children.

As we seek to turn the ministry over to the Ecuadorians, today they led the adult meeting.  Since it was in all-Spanish, I snuck away to the children’s ministry and took some pictures.  When I returned, there was a lady in the group in tears.  She came to the group and ended up accepting Christ after the discipleship group meeting was over.


Town Meeting

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WOW!  What a day!  Any one that knows me, knows that my fear is Dr. Shaddox will call on me in “big church” to lead the congregation in prayer.  Well, God knows what our “fear” is and shows us ways to overcome our fears.

Today we (Carter Wallace, Hayes Wallace and Kara Yada) had a village meeting to introduce us to the community.  A few days earlier we had met the principle(mayor) of the town and he said we were welcome at the town meeting.  There were 175 people who showed up (the village took roll).  We were introduced and stood at the front to explain we were there to help plant a church.  Several questions were asked about what religion we were and the village voted to allows us to present ourselves.

I stood at the front with my interpreter and thanked the village for welcoming us so far and began the evangecube (a visual tool to allow us to present the gift of Jesus).  About midway through my presentation the person in charge called “TIME” as our allowed 5 minutes was up.  The room erupted with shouts in Spanish and since I don’t speak Spanish my interpreter had to explain to me that the village wanted me to continue and finish the evangecube.  Our 5 minutes grew to 20 as we finished the cube and continued on about how we want to help them build a relationship with Jesus.  Unbelievable night!  When we finally finished and were outside in the cool mountain air, another interpreter grabbed me and my interpreter, Pamela, and started crying.  He kept saying he could feel God in the room and felt God working in the village!  That was all it took we all broke down and cried and thanked God for working in the village long before we got there! 


A Divine Appointment

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At our evening meeting tonight, I shared my testimony with a young woman named Katerina.  I told her that I had lost both my mother and father in the last year, but knew that, because they were believers in Jesus Christ, they were now reunited in the presence of God.  She told us that she was a believer as well.  She then began to talk, in Spanish, to Pastor Moises and our translator, Jairo.  When the conversations go deep like that, I just sit back and listen to them talk in Spanish.  Although I had no clue as to what they were talking about, I picked up the words “madre” and “Margarita,” and saw that Katerina’s eyes were filling with tears.  Jairo pointed to me and I heard “Susanna,” “madre” and “Dios.”  Through divine inspiration (certainly not my Spanish skills), I sensed that her mother was very ill and not expected to live.  Remembering my experiences with my mother, my tears began to fall, too.  I found tissues for both of us, as she continued talking and crying. Pastor and Jairo continued to counsel and comfort Katerina at length and, afterwards, she and I shared a big hug. Even though I will never know the details of her story, I know that both of us were blessed by a divine appointment. –Suzanne     

Two eager learners

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Michelle (17) and Diana (15) who both received Christ yesterday as  we (Michael and Liz) spoke with them greeted us with anticipation today as we returned to do Bible study with them.  For the next 1 1/2 hours, we covered the story of the woman at the well and the importance of sharing Christ and then answered their many questions.  When we asked if we may return tomorrow to do more, they lit up.  Tomorrow we will return again to visit our eager learners.


Work Break

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Jake, Sammie and their interpreters approached some men working on cars in their neighborhood.  They seemed reluctant to talk so the intrepreter Stephen took over the conversation talking with them for 30 minutes answering their questions and addressing issues.  Finally something he said hit home and three of them accepted Christ.  One of their moms accepted Christ also.  They will visit them tomorrow to start discipling them.

So many of our …


So many of our teams had experiences today, I a m just going to post pieces.  Jennifer, Hunter and Kelsey  had church service with their tiny church which is excited about starting a new church in a farming communtiy.  After church they rode the public bus to their community and began going door to door finding a group of ladies.  One said she had been thinking about her eternity a lot as she listened to Jennifer share.  She took a tract which Jennifer asked her to read and pray about.

David, Frankie and Callie had 38 professions of faith and said the people’s hearts were wide open.  Pray for them as they and their nationals begin discipling these people.

 Shannon and Reed found the person of peace in their community who opened her home to the Bible studies.  A man in their church also volunteered to feed their group for the week.

Emily, Paul and Suzanne are working in a village of mostly nonbelievers.  But they have found several strong Christians.  Emily shared her testimony with one woman and while she was talking about turning away from what God wanted in her life, the lady interupted and starting telling Emily that you can’t live with out God because He gives us everything and made everything.  As they talked, they discovered she and her son are Christians and have been wanting to plant a church in the area.

Here and WOW!


The  internet at our hotel(which is now Mitad Del Mundo) is down so the blog updates may not be as frequent as we would like.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after a lunch with our 14 pastors, eac team headed to their community to prayer walk.  I (Liz) heard a lot of excitement when the teams returned and can´t wait to hear stories today after our first day of visiting poeople in their homes. 

I am working with Michael and his response to our first person accepting Christ was, “WOW!”  Two visits later, I gave him:) the opportunity to share with a man we met.  He did a great job and the man along with his two neices accepted Christ.  We will return tomorrow to do Bible study with them. 

<i hope to post more tonight after teams return.  Thank you again for all of your prayers.

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